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The heart of any engine for cars or commercial vehicles is the engine block. To manufacture it, an appropriate production process is needed. In conventional production, this begins with the provision of resources, essentially mould sand, which has to be mined, processed and transported. This can be done in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way!

We reinvented foundry

Mould sand is history

We have turned the conventional iron casting process upside down. Or rather, we have developed a sustainable iron casting process which offers technical, economic and ecological advantages. ecoCasting is a process which requires no mould sand and in which the iron is poured directly into the core package. This saves thousands of tons of mould sand as well as other resources such as water and CO2.

ecoCastig for passenger cars

Aluminum was yesterday!

The ecoCasting process was established in 2015 as an alternative to aluminum engine blocks. Engine blocks made of cast iron using the ecoCasting process offer many advantages. Among them are cost efficiency, component integration and its raw material base in the form of steel scrap. Learn about other benefits and find out what makes us so excited.

ecoCasting for commercial vehicles

The further development

After ecoCasting technology has been successfully used in passenger car applications, it has been continuously developed in recent years to translate its extensive advantages to commercial vehicle applications.

WE VALUE OUR RESOURCES Developed in harmony with economy and ecology, our sustainable foundry offers pioneering solutions in iron casting.
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Fritz Winter Iron Foundry 4.0

Sustainably on the road to success

Since 1953, the idea of sustainability has been a fuel that has kept and keeps us on track for success. It is firmly anchored in our DNA and feeds on the awareness that the changes in our world require permanent reflection on the small steps we as a company can take to positively influence these changes. The date of "Earth Overshoot Day" moves further forward every year, reminding us not to stop looking for new ways and opportunities. Fritz Winter’s ecoCasting proves that sustainable change in the industry does not have to be painful at all, but only benefits us all. It is our contribution to a greener future.