Iron Foundry 2.0 – Invest now in the future!

We have revolutionised the iron foundry and set new benchmark standards in the foundry industry with our innovative production technology ecoCasting.

Developed in accordance of economy and ecology, our green foundry provides forward-looking solutions in grey cast iron that always follow customer-specific requirements. Our innovative processes for the production of castings for the international vehicle industry are not only resource-saving and globally applicable, but also trend-setting with regard to ecological, economical and technical parameters.

Assure your corporate success by means of cost efficiency and sustainability with cast iron light-weight concepts by Fritz Winter – from the development to the series. Our new and innovative production procedure has convinced ourselves. We invested more than 50 millions of Euro in the realisation of this process. An investment that was worthwhile. See for yourself!

ecoCasting is a manufacturing technology of Fritz Winter a solid medium-sized family-owned company and the biggest independent iron foundry in Europe

ecoCasting at the 38th Engine Symposium at Vienna

Vienna-While in many places the combustion engine is considered as an obsolete and no longer contemporary technology, more than 1.000 engineers meet at the 38th Engine Symposium at the Vienna Hofburg in order to discuss about the future of the different power train systems.

37th International Engine Symposium

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Fritz Winter Iron Foundry presents the new technology ecoCasting on the 37th International Engine Symposium at Vienna.

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