Our new benchmark

ecoCasting passenger cars

Aluminium was yesterday. We represent the development of innovative solutions which revolutionize the mobility of tomorrow and raise sustainability up to a new level.

For example with our reference engine that sets standards in the price-sensitive medium segment and characterizes the future in the engine casting: 1,6 litres 4-cylinder Otto engine, produced by means of the aluminium high-pressure procedure (HPDC). Simply irresistible. Simply better.

One of our most important targets is the implementation of innovative light weight technologies. With our new production technology ecoCasting we set new benchmark standards for quality and environment in the foundry industry.

Our benchmark

We have reinvented the iron foundry and with our innovative production technology set new benchmark standards in the foundry industry. Developed in accordance with economy and ecology, our green foundry offers future-oriented solutions in grey cast iron. Our innovative processes for the production of castings for the international automotive, commercial vehicle and hydraulic industry are trendsetting with regard to ecological, economical and technical parameters.

Our motivation

Our non-braked passion to create highly precise high-tech products is the engine that drives us. As supplier and partner for the international automotive, commercial vehicle and hydraulic industry, right from the start we have been aware of the fact that innovative light weight concepts require new technologies and unique pouring procedures. With the claim to integrate all customer-specific requirements, the implementation was a special motivation for us.

Lighter products

Our product is 30 percent lighter than a conventional grey cast iron cylinder block. This does not only save resources but also sustainably supports our customers in reaching their environmental targets.

Lower energy costs

The weight difference in comparison with an identical engine with an aluminium cylinder block (HPDC) is only a minimal one of 1.5 percent. However, the production of a ton of cast iron requires only one fifth of the energy consumption required for the production of an aluminium cylinder block.

Precise with a low wall thickness

The engine block is the biggest and heaviest component of a combustion engine. Our unique technology ensures highest precision and allows to reduce the wall thickness to only 2.5 mm – and this with a tolerance of only +/- 0.5 mm.

More favourable materials

A cost saving of at least 28 percent in comparison with an aluminium cylinder block represents a considerable cost efficiency – with a standardized but flexible process and a guaranteed outstanding quality.

Recyclable raw materials

Our raw materials consist of recycling material which means that our products are 100 percent recyclable. With this, we protect the environment and require less energy than for the conventional iron casting process or in comparison with the production of aluminium.

Product and process available worldwide

Our high quality standards of the innovative light-weight construction of cast iron are available worldwide. The standardization of our processes and tools guarantee a high process reliability – from the development to the series

Worldwide most sustainable iron casting process

The ecoCasting process is the new benchmark among the sustainable pouring processes. By means of the process without the use of mould sand, the associated mono-sand-system and the closed circuit of materials, big savings can be achieved for resources, energy and water.

Outstanding quality standard

Fritz Winter quality means for our customers to receive a product according to specification that ensures an undisturbed utilization. The quality management is completely integrated in all business processes. We say: »Castings of quality!«

CO2 Reduction

We save thousands of tons of CO2 not only through our lightweight design concepts for vehicles but also during the manufacturing process itself. Positive effects such as the elimination of waste disposal transports also contribute to a better CO2 balance.

Your opportunity

Invest now in your future! Ensure the success of your company by means of cost efficiency and sustainability with the cast iron light weight concepts of Fritz Winter – from the development to the series. Our completely new production procedure has convinced ourselves to that extent that at the beginning of 2013 already we invested more than 50 million Euros in the implementation of this process. An investment that was worthwhile. Please convince yourself!