Our self-conception


We do not only talk, we act! As a modern company, we have understood in an early phase that we have to act in a responsible manner with regard to our technologies and resources in general.

Sustainability begins already with the selection of the correct raw materials. Our high-tech products are made of recycled materials and may be recycled 100%. And this since 1953 already! Fritz Winter is founding member of the Environmental Alliance Hesse and since 2007 member of the Global Compact of the United Nations. Our environmental management system has been certified since 2001 according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and our energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

We always rethink processes and have created the most sustainable procedure in iron casting worldwide with ecoCasting.

Completely integrated environmental protection

If we do not protect the environment, who will?

Fritz Winter actively takes responsibility for a conservative handling of the environment and its resources. Their protection is a fix component of all our activities and forms the self-conception of our company. By means of a consistent improvement of our environmental performance, we win valuable free spaces in order to further develop our company in a future-proof way.

Environmental protection as established principle of action

Our company lives a completely integrated environmental protection and has established it as a principle of action. Our employees bear a special responsibility for our environment and future generations. The environmental management system helps us to safely comply with the prescribed limit values for our products and our production processes as well as to fall below the legal measuring values by up to 95 percent. This is continuously confirmed by independent testing institutes.

Our green foundry and its considerable benefit

With the new production technology ecoCasting we set new benchmark standards in the foundry industry also from an environmental point of view. Our concept of the green foundry gives a considerable benefit to the environment:

  • Lower consumption of resources and energy in comparison with the conventional iron casting process
  • Clearly reduced energy consumption in comparison with the production of aluminium
  • Steel scrap as raw material base
  • Products are 100% recyclable
  • Iron casting process with the lowest emission values
  • Utilization of the waste heat of our processes for the heating of buildings and the heating of the process water

Sustainable production free of CO2

At the beginning of the 1990s, when Fritz Winter recognized the coming change and the increasing importance of environmental matters in the industry, a process was initiated whose end is now to be seen in ecoCasting, the most sustainable iron casting process worldwide for the time being.

With the knowledge that a sustainable production is only possible in combination with far-reaching changes in the processes, the departments for environment and for investment/plant planning were melted into one single independent department. Thus, a competence centre for a sustainable production free of CO2, which is the declared target of Fritz Winter, was born. Here, CO2 balancing and reduction are implemented as a premise in the planning phase already and processes are reviewed.

With this, Fritz Winter performs an integral approach in order to create processes for the future that positively contribute to the protection of resources and reduction of the environmental damage and successively allow a production with less CO2.