Your Advantages at a Glance


30 % lighter

Our product is 30% lighter than a conventional grey cast iron cylinder block. This does not only save our resources but sustainably supports our customers also with the realisation of their environmental targets.

Only 1,5 % heavier than aluminium

There is only a minimal weight difference of only 1,5 % in comparison with the same engine equipped with an aluminium cylinder block (HPDC). However, the production of one ton of cast iron requires approx. one-fifth only of the energy input for the production of aluminium.

2,5 mm wall thickness
with a tolerance of +/- 0,5 mm

The engine block is the biggest and heaviest component of a combustion engine. Our new technology allows for highest precision and achieves to reduce the wall thickness to only 2,5 mm, and this with a tolerance of +/- 0,5 mm.

28 % lower cost

At least 28 % saving of costs in comparison to an aluminium cylinder block represent a considerable cost efficiency – with a standardised but flexible process and a guaranteed outstanding quality.
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Our raw materials consist of 100 % recycled materials and our products in turn are 100 % recyclable. With this, we protect the environment and have a lower energy consumption than is required for the conventional cast iron process or in comparison with the production of aluminium.

Globally available

Our high quality standards of the innovative light-weight design of cast iron are globally available. The standardisation of our processes and tools guarantees a high process-reliability – from the development to the series.